Wounded Troops

For some troops injured on active duty, the road to recovery can be a long one. Physical and emotional scars need to heal, and this can require specialist medical and therapeutic skills and specialist equipment.

Families need support during the healing process. And even when that process is complete, our injured servicemen and women still need the educational, financial and career support to reintegrate into society and lead fulfilling lives.
Support Our Troops will deliver the following programmes:

Provision of healthcare support

From the equipment and skills that can help our wounded servicemen and women recover from injury, to the equipment and medical support they may need to live with the after-effects, SOT will help.

Access to education, employment and reintegration schemes

Building a new set of skills post-injury – and having opportunities to put those skills to use – is vital if ex-servicemen and women are to feel valued and able to support their families. SOT seeks partnerships with the educational establishments and employers who can offer the opportunities, training, scholarships and jobs that make reintegration easier.