Support Our Troops Foundation

We are a not for profit military charity that supports and promotes the interests of the men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces who serve home and abroad.

The Support our Troops Foundation has been created to provide Nigeria with a coordinated way of saying ‘thank you’ for the work of our armed forces. It will serve as a platform to raise awareness of the bravery and professionalism of our military. It will support the welfare of our troops and provide scholarships, emotional support, and business grants for the families of those who lose their lives in active service.

Our Vision

To create a national culture of pride, patriotism and belief in the brave people who make up our armed forces – and to see that pride demonstrated in the practical support we offer them

Our Mission

To lift the spirit of Nigerian troops and their families through ongoing, practical support, and events that reward achievement, value service and recognise sacrifice.

Our Core Values


The success of the Support our Troops Foundation rests entirely on the individuals and organizations who donate funds, goods, or otherwise support our endeavors. Only through building productive, long-lasting partnerships will our troops enjoy the long term support we aim to provide.


Commitment is at the core of our armed forces. We believe it should also be at the core of our efforts. We are tenacious in bringing our message to Nigeria, and in securing the donations that enable us to support our troops ever more effectively.


Our long term success depends on our troops and our partners seeing donations making a difference. We commit to using the donations received by Support our Troops with integrity


Ours is a foundation built on appreciation: appreciation for the troops whose work we honor, and appreciation for the people and businesses who donate to Support our Troops. We genuinely value the people we help and the help we receive.

Support Our Troops Initiatives

Support Our Troops March – 28th February 2015

Donation of Care Packs to 7 Division Troops – 12th February 2015


SOT Donations

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What people say?

“In the line of duty, they pay the ultimate price for our country and countrymen. They are not just soldiers, they real people; sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers but they happily embrace their duties. We will not let their sacrifices go to waste. This is our motivation and this is our goal for setting up Support Our Troops Foundation.”
Funmi Ogbue (Mrs.)
Trustee & ceo support out troops foundation
I commend Support Our Troops Foundation for their thoughtfulness and patriotism. Security in the contemporary global settings has made the troops not just a government responsibility but that of all of us. The efforts of Support Our Troops are what any nation requires to boost morale.”
Air Chief Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh
Chief of defence staff
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate officers, airmen and women of the Nigerian Air Force for the service they are rendering to our nation. Whatever is the requirement of the armed forces, we will take them to the Goverment and I believe the government would do whatever is necessary to fund the armed forces.
LT Gen. Aliyu Gusau
honourable minister of defence