Support Our Troops – Nigeria provides more than supplies; we support the men and women of the armed forces in the field, care for their families and rally around our veterans.

Together, we can significantly add to each soldier’s ability to come home and fully re-integrate into civilian life.



Recognition comes in many forms. Support Our Troops is working to ensure that our servicemen and women are appreciated and rewarded in a variety of ways:

Annual charity ball and award ceremony

The Nigerian Armed Forces award medals for gallantry. Support Our Troops Foundation also rewards acts of extreme bravery and selflessness – and we do it at the annual charity ball, which also acts as a major fundraiser for SOT activities.

Discounts & benefits from our corporate partners

Saying ‘thank you’ to our armed forces by giving every member preferential rates and discounts not only benefits our troops. Amongst others we would target mobile telecoms operators (lower tariff rates), financial institutions (COT and other charges waiver), FMCG Companies (bulk sales outlets within military formations so that items are sold at lower unit rates to the residents of the barracks. By making such a gesture our partners benefit in increased business and loyalty, and clearly demonstrate their patriotism to staff, stakeholders and customers.

Donations of clothes, books, vehicles, mobiles phones and more

Our armed forces deserve only the best, and when individuals or organisations wish to make specific donations, SOT is on hand to distribute the results of your generosity.