Support Our Troops – Nigeria provides more than supplies; we support the men and women of the armed forces in the field, care for their families and rally around our veterans.

Together, we can significantly add to each soldier’s ability to come home and fully re-integrate into civilian life.



Active duty brings a pressure and level of danger few outside Nigeria’s armed forces can appreciate. But we can make active service easier through programmes aimed at boosting comfort and wellbeing.

Our programmes include:

Provision of care packages/kits to the battle front and military bases

We believe our troops shouldn’t have to wait for public holidays or messages from home to receive morale-boosting gifts. Care packages contain items troops value and appreciate, donated by individuals and organisations. Each contains a message of support and gratitude from the sender, showing our troops that whilst they may not know their benefactor, they know they are appreciated.

Building recreation centers in all military bases in the country

On active duty, downtime is precious. Not only does it provide relief from the daily pressures; it provides an opportunity to build friendships that can prove vital in the field, and just as essential in post-service life.By building recreation centres, Support Our Troops will help to create a rewarding, relaxing environment for our servicemen and women that can make every day easier.


For some troops injured on active duty, the road to recovery can be a long one. Physical and emotional scars need to heal, and this can require specialist medical and therapeutic skills and specialist equipment. Families need support during the healing process. And even when that process is complete, our injured servicemen and women still need the educational, financial and career support to reintegrate into society and lead fulfilling lives.

Support Our Troops will deliver the following programmes:

Provision of healthcare support

From the equipment and skills that can help our wounded servicemen and women recover from injury, to the equipment and medical support they may need to live with the after-effects, SOT will help.

Access to education, employment and reintegration schemes

Building a new set of skills post-injury – and having opportunities to put those skills to use – is vital if ex-servicemen and women are to feel valued and able to support their families. SOT seeks partnerships with the educational establishments and employers who can offer the opportunities, training, scholarships and jobs that make reintegration easier.


We know that for all the danger they face, nothing concerns our troops more than the matter of what will happen to their loved ones should they pay the ultimate price. Support Our Troops works to provide peace of mind to our servicemen and women and their families by providing a range of programmes designed to ensure that families of the fallen receive the help they need.

Emotional support and business grants for spouses

Part of the money raised by Support Our Troops is used to ensure that bereaved spouses receive the help they need to come to terms with the pain of loss. SOT also provides business grants to enable spouses to build the productive careers that can help them provide for their families.

Educational support for children

When a mother or father is lost in active service, the effect on their children is profound. Yet in addition to the emotional trauma, the unsettling effects on a child’s education can mean the legacy of bereavement can last a lifetime. SOT is working to ensure that children in armed forces families are not educationally disadvantaged as a result of loss.


When active service ends, our troops still have much to give. When we complement the skills of our servicemen and women with the training and opportunities that can help them thrive post-service, we not only give them purpose and self-worth; we give our businesses and economy a valuable resource.

Support Our Troops programmes include:

Provision of entrepreneurship and employment opportunities

Nigeria’s military brims with innovation, dedication and skill. Support Our Troops works with employers and educational establishments to bring ex-servicemen and women into the workplace, or provide the resources to help them launch ventures of their own.

Training and self-development

A military life is very different from a civilian one. To make a successful transition post-service, our troops frequently require help in job-seeking, CV building and interview techniques. The may also require help integrating into civilian life or in building confidence. Support Our Troops values partnerships with providers who can offer any of the above.


Recognition comes in many forms. Support Our Troops is working to ensure that our servicemen and women are appreciated and rewarded in a variety of ways:

Annual charity ball and award ceremony

The Nigerian Armed Forces award medals for gallantry. Support Our Troops Foundation also rewards acts of extreme bravery and selflessness – and we do it at the annual charity ball, which also acts as a major fundraiser for SOT activities.

Discounts & benefits from our corporate partners

Saying ‘thank you’ to our armed forces by giving every member preferential rates and discounts not only benefits our troops. Amongst others we would target mobile telecoms operators (lower tariff rates), financial institutions (COT and other charges waiver), FMCG Companies (bulk sales outlets within military formations so that items are sold at lower unit rates to the residents of the barracks. By making such a gesture our partners benefit in increased business and loyalty, and clearly demonstrate their patriotism to staff, stakeholders and customers.

Donations of clothes, books, vehicles, mobiles phones and more

Our armed forces deserve only the best, and when individuals or organisations wish to make specific donations, SOT is on hand to distribute the results of your generosity.