Creating enduring support for our troops is more than a matter of money – although fundraising is a core part of our activities. Support Our Troops also values the knowledge, care, time, products and skills of individuals and organisations across Nigeria.

We rely on the generosity of government agencies, private sector organisations, development agencies, foundations, religious groups and individuals. We are endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Defence and seek financial support from donors who are able to contribute in cash or kind.

We welcome any contribution that enables us to improve the welfare of our troops, which may include the following:

1. Cash Donations

Cash donations of any value are hugely welcomed as they enable us to continue with our existing programmes and plan for the future.

Fundraising campaigns can be a powerful way of engaging a business or organisation’s employees or members – and provide powerful advocacy for Support Our Troops.

Philanthropic donations which enable us to plan for the long term are especially welcome. These might include establishing a trust, sponsorship programmes or implementing a workplace scheme where employees can donate a portion of their salary each month.

If you would like to know more about ways you can give, please contact us.

2. In-Kind Donations

From medical equipment and training to armed forces benefit schemes, whatever services you offer or products you manufacture, the chances are they would be greatly valued by our troops, and gratefully received by SOT.

For our business partners, giving in-kind donations can prove a powerful way of inspiring and engaging staff, of demonstrating corporate social responsibility, and of showing good citizenship. And for a corporate partner able to offer an armed forces discount or membership benefits, the advantages can be felt by giver and receiver.

Talk to us about developing a corporate partnership with Support Our Troops that meets your objectives and our goals.

3. Volunteers

Support Our Troops helps our servicemen and women gain new skills, reintegrate into society, overcome injury and lead fulfilling lives within and without the armed forces. We value the expertise of relevant volunteer organisations and individuals whose help can make a lifelong difference to our troops.

We also welcome volunteers who can help coordinate our activities and deliver our strategy.

4. Scholarships

A key goal of Support Our Troops is reintegrating ex-servicemen and women into society, equipped with the skills and qualifications they need to find work, support their families or launch their own businesses. We welcome scholarships from academic institutions and corporate partners that can prepare our troops for the future.

5. Media Partnerships

Publicity is one of the most valuable tools we can be given. In print or digital, on screen or radio, if you are able to give Support Our Troops a voice please contact us.